The alphabet (year 3 and year 2)

Hello, 3rd grade and 2nd grade students! Welcome to season 2014-15 !
Practise the ALPHABET clicking on the picture !
See you in class !
Ex: I practised the alphabet !!

Alphabet Action

Let’s try this memory game about the letters of the alphabet!
Click on the image and try to pair the letters and the words: e.g: L / Lion.
Tell me in a comment how many times did you play !
Ex: I played _____ times.

Today is Friday and it’s time to review the ABC with a game “ABCD Watermelon”. Help the lion to complete the ABCD. You can play it several times !
Click on the image to play and see you on Monday in class!

You can practise very entertaining games like this one “Fuzzy Lion Ears”. Listen to the word and discover the missing letter.
Click on the image to play !
See you on Monday !!

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