Unit 5 - The body





Lesson 1

Lucky says (clap your hands, stamp your feet, drive a car, fly a plane, draw, take a photo, sleep, wake up).

Magic pocket. CD2 track 19. Play again and repeat. Position the cards in random order, children point them out.

Say the words, children point out. Continue saying the words quietly, loudly, slowly or quickly. The children repeat you.

Who´s in the Picture? Where are they? They are playing with dinosaurs. Is Lucky happy? Does he like dinousaurs? --

CD2 track 20. Children listen and point. Listen again and repeat. Play again and mime (pretending to be dinosaurs).

CD2 track 21, children clap. Play again and sing/do the actions. Divide the classroom into six teams. Each group sings.

CD2 track 22, what´s next? --- Point to a part of your body or mime it, children copy and say thw word. Keep changing your parts quickly. _______________________________________________________________________ 








http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zYKiTlPwcY&feature=relmfu ______________________________________________________________________


Lesson 2

Review the vocabulary, show one flashcard say the word and children mime it.

Put flashcards on board with wordcards, point them out and have the children say.

 Play CD2 track 21, get the class to do the actions, remove flashcards from board.

Play again, mime and chant. – Place the stickers.

Now listen CD2 track 23 and write the right number next to each picture. To check, play again, pause after each item hold the flashcard up and another one writes the number on board, the rest of the class can agree or not. –

 Display the wordcards, have the children write the words under each picture. – Use unit 5 photo, play CD2 track 24 and point to the actions as each is said.

The children do the actions (Draw a picture, take a photo). Play lucky says. – Explorers quest, CD1 track 5. Guess the animal. Give clues: I’ve got four legs, I’ve got a long tail. I can run. What am I? ____________________________________________________________________________________  
Lesson 3
 Lucky says (take a photo, draw a train, draw a lorry) Structure cards, CD2 track 25.
Play again and pause after ‘in the…’ children say where.
Play again and children repeat.
Open books, CD2 track 25, listen and point. Listen again and repeat. 4 children come to the front to act out. First do it with the support of the cd and then on their own.

Ask students to read along the parts of the body. Do it again but this time with the wordcards. Demonstrate the activity with dinosaur number 1.

Ask: Has it got a head? Has it got wings? The children answer yes or no and put a tick or cross in the box. The children continue the activity.

Describe one of the three dinousaurs, saying it’s got four legs. It’s got a long tail. The children say which number it is. Do a guessing game where, giving few clues, children need to find out what animal are you talking about. ———————————————————————————————————————————————–  
Lesson 4
  Name parts of the body and get the children to mime.

Use flashcards to confirm each one.
Say a sentence about a child in the class, e.g. Sara touches her arm. The child you have named mimes your statement,.

 Tell to one child an animal secretly, he gives clues and the class guesses what animal it is.
Tobby had a dinosaur head in lesson one, now we will see what happens next.
 CD2 track 26, hold up story cards as they listen.

Play again, and pause after each card and ask the questions on the back of the card.
 For pictures 1, 2 and 3 ask What has it got? For picture 6 ask who is it? Why are Ella and Max angry in picture 6? Was Max using the magic pencil? Where is the magic pencil?

 Say lines from the story and ask the children to say the picture number.
 6 students come up front with the storycards. The class has to sort them out in order,
 Divide the classroom in groups of 4, play the CD and they act out the story (Max must have a pencil and a notebook). Explorers quest. ———————————————————————————————————————————-  

Lesson 5
 Hello routine Play Lucky says. Hold up an animal card. Say statements about it, it’s got big teeth… Students say yes or no.

Magic Pocket Cd2 track 27, pull out flashcards while listening. Listen again and sing. Listen again have children holding the flashcards, pause after each word, the clas points out the child holding that flashcard.

Page 46, Cd2 track 27, listen and point. Use a red pen to circle what is asked.
Cd2 track 28, listen and point. Listen again and sing.

Listen again and point to your own body parts as you hear them Use a blue pen to circle.
 Cd 2 track 29, sing the song. Divide the classroom in groups to perform. Page 69, cut out. In pairs, one child tells the other what to draw with the dinosaur dice.

 Lesson 6
Use the flashcards to review the body parts. Hold up an animal card. Say statements about it, it’s got big teeth… Students say yes or no. Explain that we have five senses. Draw each sense on the board.

Play CD2 track 30, and mime smelling a flower. The children copy you. Continue with the rest of the senses. Practice the verbs touch, hear, taste, see and smell. Mime each sense. Point to the top row of images.

Play CD2 track 31 while the children listen and number the pictures. Point to the second row of pictures and elicit the words prompting as necessary: ice cream, flower, stars, music, wood.
 Play CD2 track 32.

The children listen and match each sense with the correct image. Ask children to name things they can taste, eg. Oranges, hear (guitar) and touch (ball). Draw some of their suggestions on the board. Ask children to say sentences about their pictures, e.g. I can taste an apple. We can perceive an object with more than one sense.

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