UNIT 3 -- At home

UNIT 3 Lesson 1


Hello routine Explorers chant CD1 track 4

Lucky says (pick up a pen, put it down again, read, write, count to 10)

 Give instructions to pick different things up


 Magic pocket, CD1 track 50. Vocabulary presentation. Repeat the words, mime them. Display them around, get the children point them out. Children point, repeat and mime now. Repeat them saying the words quietly, loudly, slowly or quickly.


 Listen and point, page 24. Who’s in the picture? What is Ella playing with? What can you see in the house?

 CD1 track 51, different parts of the house. Play and point, play pause and repeat. Say the words in a random order, children point.


CD1 track 52, point the pictures and clap. Play again sing and do the actions. Do it now in groups.


Point to the row of images on page 24. Play what’s next? CD1 track 53


 Have a child up in front mime one of the rooms. The class guesses what is it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lesson 2


 Review the vocabulary, show one flashcard say the word and children mime it. Put flashcards on board with wordcards, point them out and have the children say.

Play CD1 track 52, get the class to do the actions, remove flashcards from board. Play again, mime and chant.


 Place the stickers. Now listen CD1 track 54 and write the right number next to each picture. To check, play again, pause after each item hold the flashcard up and another one writes the number on board, the rest of the class can agree or not.


Display the wordcards, have the children write the words under each picture.


Use unit 3 poster, play CD1 track 55. The children do the actions (Draw a picture, take a photo). Play lucky says. -- Explorers quest, CD1 track 5. Divide the class in groups, each group mimes a word.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTSUSkSgvE4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lesson 3


Lucky says (take a photo, draw a train, draw a lorry)

Structure cards, CD1 track 56. Play again and pause after ‘in the…’ children say where. Play again and children repeat.

Open books, CD1 track 56, listen and point. Listen again and repeat. 4 children come to the front to act out the parts of Ella, Max, Toby and Mum (mime).

First do it with the support of the cd and then on their own. Who’s this? (granddad, Granny, Dad, Mum, Ella, Toby). Who’s in the bedroom? Who’s in the hall? Do it again but this time with a wordcard… Who’s in the… (wordcard)

Match each face with each room. Correct by saying: Granny’s in the … children say the room. Have a child do your role. Children do it now in pairs.

 Do it now in groups. The first group to answer gets the point. Display the flashcards around the classroom. Situate one child in each ‘room’, ask the class where is izan… Now the class close their eyes and two children exchange their position, class guesses. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lesson 4

 Name parts of the house and get the children to mime a suitable activity for each room. Use flashcards to confirm each one.

Say a sentence about a child in the class, e.g. Sara’s in the living room. The child you have named mimes being in the living room. Tell to one child a room secretly and he mimes it.

Ella, Toby and Max were playing with a dolls house, remember? Now show the Lesson 3 structure cards. Ask Where’s Ella? Where’s Tobby? Ella, Tobby and Max are going to play hide and seek, do you know what is it?

CD1 track 57, hold up story cards as they listen.

Play again, and pause after each card and ask the questions on the back of the card. In what picture frame is this? Max’s in the bathroom (2) She’s in the hall (3) Lucky’s in the living room (4) Draw a rope (5) 6 students come up front with the storycards. The class has to sort them out in order,

Divide the classroom in groups of 4, play the CD and they act out the story (Max must have a pencil and a notebook). Explorers quest. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lesson 5

Hello routine Place an item inside a plastic bag. What can you see in the bag? Where is it? In the bag…

Do the same procedure placing items on the top of something.

Magic Pocket Cd1 track 58, pull out flashcards while listening. Listen again and sing. Listen again have children holding the flashcards, pause after each word, the clas points out the child holding that flashcard.

Place something in a box… Can you see the book? Where is it? Elicit in the box.

Page 28, Cd1 track 58, listen and point. Use a red pen to circle what is asked. Cd1 track 59, listen and point. Listen again and sing. Use a blue pen to circle.

Ask, can you see a scooter? Elicit yes, do the same for the rest of words. Cd 1 track 60, sing the song. Divide the classroom in groups to perform.

Page 73, cut out. In pairs, one child tells the other where to place each in item. After they check if they have placed everything at the same room. The bed is in the…

 ---- __________________________________________________

Lesson 6 Use the flashcards to review the furniture items from the previous session. Play Can you see?

CD1 track 59, hold up flashcards and encourage children to sing and point. Why is recycling important? Where does the paper come from? Display the poster. Point to the recycling sign, ask if anyone knows what it means, where is it? Ask the children what can we recycle and what do they recycle at home.

 Cd1 track 61, listen and point, some can go to two different bins because they are made out of two different materials. Ask students to come up front and Find something made of metal. Where does the metal go? Children point to the metal recycling bin.

 Page 29, what room is it? Say the different materials in the rubric and ask the children to say the colour of the circle around the word: Metal, what colour is it? Green Now say the colour and the children say the material.

Can you see some metal in the kitchen? Get the children to point to examples and circle them in green. How many things are made of metal? Continue this with the other materials. Match the rubbish to the beans. Explorers quest.

Divide the classroom in groups. Ask them how we recycle in the school. Ask them to make labels for recycling such as Paper, Plastic, Metal and Glass. Also, motivational banners like recycle, recycle, recycle or recycle your plastic.


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