Year 2 - Hello again

Hello again Lesson 4

How are you? How old are you? What's the weather like?

Point a student, count to ten (the kid you point). Count to 20. -- Page 5, point to the picture. What can you see? How many apples can you see?



 CD1 track 10, listen and point. Pause after each answer. Students draw correct fruit in each bubble. Check answers. What does Toby like? (bananas) Ask students. What food do you like?


 CD1 track 11. Pause and point. Repeat.


 CD1 track 12. Count and point. Sing.


Page 5. CD1 track 5. Wordcards: duck, crayon cakes. Look back what items the explorers were looking for. Children draw lines to join each explorer with his/her object. -- Lucky says. (sentences practised)  


Hello again Lesson 3

How are you? How old are you? What's the weather like (flashcards + real)?

Page 4, what can you see? (bag, bags). Point the board on the picture, let´s count!

 CD1 track 8, children listen point and clap. Play again, children repeat each number.


 Numbers one to 20, but some are missing.

CD 1 track 9. (say the number missing)


 Grab some pencils, how many can you see? Do the same with other objects. Point the picture on the book. How many bags can you see? Children write the number next to each item. Check answers by asking each item. -- Point the explorer on the corner.

CD 1 track 5. Revise animal words. Flashcard games.


 CD1 track 4, sing and act. Choose a number from 1 to 20, count up to that number.


Hello again Lesson 2

Hello, what's your name? How are you? I'm fine thank you. How old are you?

Book page 3. These are Max's holidays pictures. What can you see? (car, cat, sheep, tent, trees...)

Can you see a car? Point it I can see a tent (children reply picture number 2). Do it several times. They can take your role. (also in small groups)

 CD 1 track 6. What´s the weather like? Play track, listen and point and repeat. Now say a number radonmly, children say the weather.

 CD 1 track 7, look out the window, let's draw the weather.


 What has the girl got on her hand? A weather spinner. Show it on page 79. Cut it round the dotted lines. Make it spin, by pairs or small groups say what the weather is like (in the spinner).


Point the blue explorer, he is looking por something (a crayon next to the sheep in picture two). Play CD1 track 5. Name other classroom objects. -- Circle game, soft ball, how old are you? -- Weather spinner, choose one picture. Say it's sunny, everyone with sunny is ready to leave, and so on. ______________________________________________________

Online and review activities

 Worksheets for 1-10

11 - 20 and 20 - 100
- Number games for 1-10

11-20 -

Pronunciation practise

For younger children: - Ten Little Aeroplanes song

For older children: - Class speaking activity -

Math in English game

- Find the hidden number

- Practice writing: Tell us about what numbers mean to you

Day 2

Explorers. New book! Hello, what's your name? How are you? I'm fine thank you.

 Classbook page 2. Who is this? Ella, Toby, Max and the dog, Lucky. What can you see? (objects)

Listen to track 1. Listen again and pause after each question. Listen to track 2. Listen again and pause after each speaker, who is the speaker?

 Put the name stickers on each character' space. Have a look at the bottom of the page.
What can you see? Play track 3. Listen and point. Listen again and pause after each instruction and try to do it.
  • Pick up a pen. Put it down. Read. Write. Count to 10.


 Play CD1 track 4, listen to the song with these actions. At the second time, sing along.

Game. Play Lucky says. Only do what Lucky says. Explorers. What is she looking for?

 Play track 5 as the children look, raise your hand if you find the answer. Revise other food words. Game. Pass a softball, when receiving it, say Hello Mr. Alonso I'm (name)


Day 1

  • Introduce each others' name. Use a ball.
  • Sing the song:

  • Introduce the weather poster.
  • Set the class rules.
1. Sit quietly  (Estigues assegut i en silenci)   2. Raise your hand (Aixeca la mà per parlar)   3. Listen and work (Escolta amb atenció i treballa)
Go over colors and numbers.


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