Below is a selection of fun online educational games.  Just click on the image to play the game.

ABC Order ABC Order
Put the correct alphabet barrel on the cart.  Good for early alphabet learning.
Place Numbers on the Clock Place Numbers on the Clock
Move the numbers to the correct position on the clock.
Christmas Coloring Pages Christmas Coloring Pages
Paint the Christmas pictures.
Count Your Chickens Count Your Chickens
Count the pictures and choose the correct number.
Haunted Alphabet Haunted Alphabet
Find upper-case alphabet letters hidden in a haunted room.
I Spy Colors I Spy Colors
Famous 'I Spy' game but using colors rather than letters.
Missing Letter Game Missing Letter Game
Type the first letter of each word to score 10 points.  All words in upper-case.
Monster Numbers Monster Numbers
Find the hidden numbers (1 - 21) in the monster laboratory.
Mr. Elephant's Memory Game Mr. Elephant's Memory Game
Concentration game based on topics such as: animals, shapes, colors, alphabet letters and numbers.
Number Train Number Train
Count the number of train cars and then count the pictures on each car.  A voice calls out each number.


two footballers 
Look at the footballers. What are they wearing?

Here is a picture of a boy's bedroom. Can you paint the things in the room the right colours? Listen and paint!

Here is a picture of a clown's face. Can you colour the picture? Read or listen to the instructions.

Here are six ways to travel. Listen, read, then colour them in.

Here are six pets. Can you paint them the right colours?

Here is a box of sweets, they are all different shapes. Listen and paint them.

Have fun colouring this playground.

It's a lovely day in the country. Can you paint this rainbow picture?

Stories about colours. Read, listen and learn


a football boot and ball

Do you like playing football? Try this game and see how long you can keep the ball up in the air for. Count the number of kicks as you play. Good luck!

Ten numbers are hidden in this wordsearch. Can you find them all?
Look at the picture - can you spell the word?
Can you match the numbers to the words?

Stories about colours. Read, listen and learn  

weather forecaster
What's the weather like in China? What's the weather like in Egypt? Listen to the weather news and put the weather symbols in the right places.
What's the weather like? Match the pictures and the phrases.
Many parts of the world are cold when it's winter. Practise words for winter weather with this activity.
Can you spell the words for the weather in English? Play this game to practise.
a yellow umbrella 
Do you know where the coldest place is in the world? Take this quiz and find out.

Stories about colours. Read, listen and learn