Unit 2 - Let's go

Lesson 1


 Lucky says (pick up a pen, put it down, read, write, count to 10). Pick up a book, put it down, pick up a color, put it down… (several things).

 CD1 track 32, pull out the flashcards. Mime it up. Now repeat the words, quietly, loudly, slowly or quickly (children imitate you).  

 Page 14. Who’s in the picture? What have they got? What else can you see? How many bags can you see?

CD1 track 33, listen and point. Listen and repeat. = CD1 track 34, listen and clap. Play again and mime. Divide the class into six groups. Each team repeats one of the vehicles, who has done it the best?  

CD1 track 35, look at page 14, what’s missing? Divide the class into groups of 4 and mime one vehicle. What is it? Confirm with flashcard.  


Goodbye imitating one vehicle.

 Lesson 2  

 [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c68qD_NExQ [/youtube]

Review the six vehicle words. Show flashcards. Put flashcards and wordcards on board.

CD1 track 34, do the actions. Now again only with wordcards.   Put the stickers. Ask the children to say some words. Put a tick if the sentence is correct or a cross.
CD 1 track 36.   Wordcards on board. Mime the words. Write these words under each corresponding sticker.   Unit 2 picture poster.

CD1 track 37. Point to the actions. Play lucky says with these new actions.

 Review fruit flashcards: bananas, pears, cakes, sausages, tomatoes, olives, oranges, peaches, melons. Explorers quest. Find the secret. It’s something you eat.   Ask one student to travel in one of the vehicles. The rest of the class guesses what vehicle is it and picks up the wordcard from the board.   [

youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=4Dcy_0zmWTY[/youtube] Goodbye, count to 20.   _________________________________________________________________________

Lesson 3  

 Lucky says with drive a car and fly a plane. Review big and small with classroom items.   Hold up structure cards and play

CD1 track 38. Play again and pause after it’s a … each time. Describe big, colour… Play again and repeat.

  Page 16, CD1 track 38, listen and point. Play again and repeat. Have students to act out the scene in front of the class.

First with CD then without.   Ask the class to say the vehicles in the first row (motorbike, taxi, bus, motorbike, bus).

Ask someone again but saying It’s a… this time. Again but with the color. When you get to the taxi say, what colour is it? The same for the bus… Colour it.  

 Repeat this procedure for the other lines, this time saying It’s a big/small and colour vehicle.   Say one sequence, the class guesses what number row is it. Do this several times, now individuals say the sequences.  

Ask individuals to come up front. Boy, girl, boy… who’s next? Next sequence of individuals can be with colours, pencils, rubbers.. ask them to come up front with a sequence thought.   Ask children to secretly grab one coloured pencil.

 Say it’s a green pencil, and the children with green pencils say goodbye and go to sleep.

   [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTvFdwq6Hfg&feature=related[/youtube]   _________________________________________________________________________

 Lesson 4

 Start drawing a big bus… Ask children What is it? Repeat with small, lorry, big plane… Invite volunteers to come and do it.   Show the structure cards from lesson 3. Elicit what the characters are saying for each card. They are going to find out what happens next.

CD1 track 39. Hold up the story cards as they listen. Play the story again, this time pause after each card and ask questions on the back.   Play again, children follow the story on their books..

Say the vehicle sentences from the story (it’s a green bus…) students say the number of the frame.   Ask six children to hold up a storycard up in front. Get them stand in the wrong order and ask the class to sort them out.  

Ask some groups to come up in front to represent parts of the story.   Find the hidden object, CD1 track 5.   Goodbye with let’s go chant (track 34). _____________________________________________________________________________
Lesson 5

 Draw a medium boat, a big boat and a very big boat. “It’s a boat, it’s a big boat, it’s a very big boat”. The students repeat. It’s a very, very big boat. Do the same with small car and very very small.   CD1 track 40.

Listen and look at the flashcards. Listen again and repeat. Display the flashcards around the classroom. Listen and point. Fast, slow, short and long.

 CD1 track 40, listen and point to the pictures on page 18. Circle in red the words in the main picture. Have one student mime one adjective and the rest of the class guesses it.

 CD1 tracj 41, listen. Listen again and hod up your word flashcard when you hear it. Listen again and sing/mime.   Can you see a new book? Can you see an old book? Can you see a big/small bag?

Point to the second row of words, mime each one and circle them out with a blue colour.  

CD1 track 42 with individuals holding up adjectives and actions flashcards. Play again and divide the classroom in four groups so each groups mimes a part.

 Point to the photo on page 18 and cut-out pge 75. It’s a long lorry. Repeat, it’s a short train / slow bus / fast plane.

Lesson 6

 CD1 track 41, sing in four groups with flashcards. Sing again all together.   Ask students to think of all this people who help us in our lives. We are going to know about 4.

 Show the vehicle flashcards. Ask to make the appropriate noise and action. Give the five flashcards to individuals.

Play CD1 track 43. Helps tudents to hold up their flashcard at the right moment. Listen again and hold up the photocards that match..  

 CD1 track 44, listen and point. Listen and order. Listen and colour.   Ask individuals to read the speech bubbles and say the missing words.

The children then write these and draw lines linking the bubbles to the corresponding people and vehicles.   Do the explorers quest (a guitar).  

Ask children to draw / cut out pictures of people who help us. Stick them all to a big sheet of paper/poster, write on the bottom thank you!   Children choose te be a police office, fire fighter… give orders to them.

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