Unit 1 - Let's play

Let’s play lesson 1


Hello, how old are you?
CD1 track 4 do the actions Lucky says: Pick up a pen, count to ten, put it down, read a book, write. Pick something up, put it down (classroom objects).


 Show the magic pocket and play CD1 track 13. Slowly pull out the flashcards (run, jump…). Hold’em up and then display them on board. Play track 13 again, repeat the words, mime. Place flashcards around the class, point to them when listening to the word. Listen again, point, repeat and mime the action.


 Book page 6. Who’s in this picture? What can you see? How many animals can you see? Cd1 track 14. Listen actions and point them in the picture. Play again, ask one student to come out and point to a flashcard.


 CD1 track 15. Listen Say and do the actions. Divide class into 6 groups, each group do one action. Who is the winner?


 CD1 track 16. Notebook pictures. Repeat the actions. Play again. Pause after each action. What’s next


 Divide the class into 3 groups. They are in line. Chinese whispers with these actions. -- Goodbye count to 20. Funny classroom song _____________________________________________________________  

Lesson 2

Hello, what’s your name? Flashcards and wordcards on board. Point to the wordcards, get the class to say them. Let’s play chant CD1 track 15. Do the actions. Take off flashcards and leave wordcards. Play CD again.


 Classbook page 7. Put the stickers. CD1 track 17. Put the number into the correct picture. Hold up the first action flashcard run, write number one for run. Play again, have children raise each flashcard when they hear it.



Show the wordcards (make students do the actions or say the words) and display them for reference. Children write under each picture.


Play lucky says with the actions. Lucky says poster CD1 track 18. Say clap your hands and stamp your feet (children do the actions). Play lucky says by elimination.


 Flashcards unit 6. Display them on board. Say the words and point. Explorers quest. Look for the hidden object. (bird) Cd1 track 5.


Arrange the class in a circle, or everyone facing front. Display the wordcards. Whisper one action to a student. He mimes it. Who knows what is it goes to pick up the wordcard _______________________________________________________

Lesson 3

Hello, how are you? Explorers chant. CD1 track four, sing and act. Play Lucky says with CD1 track 18 (pick up, put down, read, write, count to ten, clap your hands, stamp your feet).   Hold up structure cards. (students say)

 CD1 track 19 with structure cards. Play again, pause before the key words and children complete the sentences. Play again and repeat.  

 Page 8, play CD1 track 19. Point. Play again and repeat. 3 children come to the front to act out the parts of Max’s sister, Max and Toby. (with CD the first time, second time by themselves)  

 CD1 track 20. What can you do? Listen again and number the speakers. Draw your own face and complete. Can you ride a bike? Yes/no.   Close your books. I’m thinking of a person. He can ride a bike… rollerblade… Guess who it is. Do this in small groups.

 Students in circle. Pass the six flashcards around face down. Stop. Students with flashcards mime the actions saying

I can… (climb a tree).   Everybody mime an action. Call one action out. These students stand still. -------------------------------------------------

 Lesson 4

 - Can you rollberblade? Yes, no... - I can... swim (mime it)



- Show lesson 3 structure cards. Explain that we are going to find out what’s going to happen next. - CD1 track 21, hold up storycards while they listen.

 - Play again and pause after each card and ask the questions on the back.

- Picture 1 (who can you see), Picture 2 (Can Toby jump? Can Max’s sister dance?), Picture 6 (Can Max´s little brother ride a bike? Can Max’s brother/he ride a scooter?)


- Listen the story with open books. Read lines from the story (students say the number).

- Have six students in front of the class with story cards. Ask the class to put them in order.

 - Select few groups of six to act out story frames. Play cd again. (Max will have a pencil and notebook)


- Point to the blue explorer at the bottom and do the explorers quest CD1 track 5. (hidden object flower). - Review outdoor vocabulary (tree, mountain, bord...).


 Lesson 5

- Flashcards review.

 - Play Lucky says with CD1 track 18.

 - Magic pocket CD1 track 22. Pull out the flashcards as they listen.

- Play again, class repeats the words.

 - Play again. Display the flashcards around the students point them out.


- Play again. Four children hold up flaschards. Students point them out.

- CD1 track 22. Point to the four pictures in the boxes and repeat the words. Mime.


- Play again mime and point. - Find the boys and girls that represent these words and cercle them out.

- One student looks at a flashcard secretly and represents it. Class guesses what it is.


- What can you do in the playground?

- CD1 track 23, listen song.

 - Play again and mime.

 - Play again sing and mime.

- Point to the second row of pictures. Cercle them out. - Play CD1 track 24. Listen and mime.


- Point to the photo on page 10 and cut out the next to it, which is on page 77. - Put this cards in front. Say one, students hold that one up.

- Play memory or snap.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8Qoc4omtsg&feature=related[/youtube] _________________________________________________________

Lesson 6

Use flashcards and review vocabulary Tour children hola up the flashcards hot, cold, hungry and thristy. Play CD1 track 23, they hold up the flashcard when they hear their word. The rest sing and mime.


 We are going to listen to a chant about exercise and actions. Which ones are good or bad? Tell me examples Say and mime: Bend (legs), stretch (arms), skip (imaginary skipping rope) and hop (hopping one leg).

 Play CD1 track 25, mime the actions. Play again and sing.


 Story about exercise. Show the first storycard and point Sophie and her dad.

Play CD1 track 26. Play the CD again and ask the questions on the back of the storycards.


 Book page 11. Say something about each child on the picture (stretch, ice-cream, bend, cake…). Ask each time, is it a good exercise? Children answer… yes or no. How does dad get fit? Does he stretch? Does he eat a cake? Children Tick or cross the pictures as appropriate.


Listen to the sequence and number. Identify number one. Play CD1 track 27. Play again check answers. Find the hidden object, explorers quest.


In groups, they are going to perform CD1 track 25.

 [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA6dKNsl6zk&feature=related[/youtube] ___________________________________________________

Lesson 7

Review all flashcards Display the wordcards, ask a student to come up front and mime it. He also says “I can…(dance)


What can you do in a playground? Point to the photos on pages 12 and 13. Listen and point. Ask them to guess the order.

Play CD1 track 28. Play again and number each photo.   Say a sentence from the CD like… Can I have a drink please? The children say the photo number (4).

Ask which is their favourite picture.   Display the wordcards: run, climb, jump and ride a bike. Ask individuals to read and complete the sentences with these words.   What are they saying?

Play CD1 track 29.   Sing.

CD1 track 30. Listen and do. In pairs, one asks for some water and the other one says here you are.   Explorer quest. What are they doing? Why is it important to do exercise?


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